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PVC Beach Fishing Cart Prototype

PVC Beach Fishing Cart Prototype

The Ultimate Folding Beach Fishing Cart is determined to change the Beach Fishing Cart market and we've been hard at work developing a prototype for a cart that is big enough, light weight, has beach capable tires, folds for storage, and is inexpensive.  With that, there are only so many materials available that make this possible at a good price point.

We went to our local Home Depot and purchased a bunch of PVC to develop the ultimate folding surf fishing cart.  After purchasing a bunch of material, we began the development in stages.

  1. We first developed a base that would be strong enough for all the weight that comes with beach fishing. (Ie. Coolers, Tackle Bags, Chairs, Bait Buckets, etc)
  2. We then started on the sides with a folding mechanism to ensure we could get the cart to a size that would fit into a trunk.
  3. We then built out the back of the cart and determine the materials needed to make it connect with a simple safety pin.
  4. We then built out the front to make it match the back but we also added a handle for obvious reasons.
  5. The last piece we had to think about was the tires.  We added some 12" x 7" beach wheels on a 3/4" axle.

The end result of the prototype is pictured below:

Folding PVC Fishing Cart

You can fold the surf fishing cart down as well:

Folding Surf Fishing Cart Folded

How's that for a beach fishing cart with 16 rod holders and big enough to carry your cooler, fishing net, umbrella, and chairs.

Next Steps:

We are in the process of purchasing UV protected furniture grade PVC in significant quantities.  We have a few small improvements we will make to the folding beach fishing cart, and they will soon be available only at

We are currently seeking opinions and feedback to ensure we are listening to our customers.  A few questions:

1. How large do you need the interior cage to be?  We are aiming for around 16.5" wide and 30" long.

2. How many fishing rod holders is more than enough?

3. Would you consider purchasing a PVC cart knowing it's UV protected and made with furniture grade PVC?

We hope you will enjoy this blog post and will engage in the discussion.  Please give us your thoughts below!


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  • Brian Gannuscio
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