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Must Have Products for Beach Fishing / Pier Fishing / Surf Fishing

Must Have Products for Beach Fishing / Pier Fishing / Surf Fishing 0

Although our domain focuses on beach fishing carts, we wanted to let all of our customers know that we carry several other products that make your day at the beach successful.  Let's cover some of the key products we sell
The Cost of a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Fishing Cart

The Cost of a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Fishing Cart 0

DIY PVC Fishing Cart Cost

After looking around online for a fishing cart, you're probably thinking that it would be much less expensive to go build one on your own.  We went out on a mission to build our own surf cart for our upcoming product and we wanted to share the actual cost to build the PVC fishing cart.

This article will focus on the true cost to go build your own fishing cart from a real life experience.  It will specifically focus on the materials related to the surf cart and not the related tools that would be needed to build the fishing cart.  In this example, we thought we would utilize PVC, because its generally the least expensive material that can be utilized to build a fishing or pier cart.

PVC Beach Fishing Cart Prototype

PVC Beach Fishing Cart Prototype 0

The Ultimate Folding Beach Fishing Cart is determined to change the Beach Fishing Cart market and we've been hard at work developing a prototype for a cart that is big enough, light weight, has beach capable tires, folds for storage, and is inexpensive.  With that, there are only so many materials available that make this possible at a good price point.

A little bait secret...

A little bait secret... 0

A little bait secret...

A friend of a friend is consistently posting pictures after a day at the beach fishing.  Every time, I mean 'EVERY TIME', he's posting pictures of slot catches that most people dream of.  I've seen pictures of the 27" Red Fish, the 20" Sheepshead, 16" Pompano, and so on...

Fish N Mate Jr. with Balloon Wheels Review

Fish N Mate Jr. with Balloon Wheels Review 0

Fish N Mate Junior Balloon Tires
Regardless of where you go fishing, one thing that is very necessary and useful to make the best of your outing is a fishing cart. Not only is it a luxury during your fishing adventure, but it also makes it possible for you to carry all the necessary fishing items at once. If you are looking for a fishing cart that is reliable and can serve all purposes, Fish N Mate Fishing Cart Jr. should come to your mind.

Fish N Mate Fishing Cart Jr. remains the best fishing companion. It provides a convenient and protective holding place for keeping your tackle box, cooler, reels, bait, chum, knives, food as well as other must-have fishing gear that would be necessary for your fishing adventure. Constructed with light-in-weight aluminum tubing that has a rust resistant coating, Fish N Mate Fishing Cart Jr. can last for a lifetime of beach trips allowing you to enjoy those days to the maximum.

It features a bait basket holder, a removable T-bar adjustable handle with rubber covered grips, a cutting board and 5 built-in fishing rod holders for hauling your rods. It has special balloon tires to allow easy movement of the cart on the soft sand beach.  The wheels are removable, which allows the cart to be effortlessly disassembled to fit in a small SUV or maybe even the trunk of your car.  With these and many more available accessories, you would find that the excitement of fishing has been taken to a new level.

Fish N Mate Fishing Cart Jr. is durable, keeps your fishing gears and accessories orderly, out of the sand and makes them less likely to get tangled. In addition, it makes it more convenient for you to quickly change your fishing spot to where the fish are biting.

Once you are satisfied with your day's ocean haul, Fish N Mate Fishing Cart Jr. can be loaded onto the optional hitch mount cart caddy.

Get your surf fishing gear to any soft sand beach location and enjoy the Fish N Mate's unparalleled features.  Never let your day fishing become a workout.  Work is for weekdays.

  • John Dodson