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A little bait secret...

A little bait secret...

A little bait secret...

A friend of a friend is consistently posting pictures after a day at the beach fishing.  Every time, I mean 'EVERY TIME', he's posting pictures of slot catches that most people dream of.  I've seen pictures of the 27" Red Fish, the 20" Sheepshead, 16" Pompano, and so on...

In comparison, when I go to the beach, I am consistently catching Whiting (not that Whiting are bad, but I want some diversity in my life too!).  I generally use chunk bait, dead/live shrimp, and dead/live mullet.  I occasionally will catch a little shark, which are fun, but they are not what I'm after.  I was finally able to catch up with the fella that is catching all these fish and he finally gave me his little secret.

Ready for the secret?

His secret was a little mind boggling, because I thought these slot fish preferred live bait.  What he showed me, and I had never used, changed my life.  He is using Fish Bites (Pictured Below):

The good news is that this product is available at your local Walmart (or at least down here in Florida, they are available).  The other good news is this bait is a HECK of a easier to work with than live bait.  You can stuff it in your bag and use it every time you're out.  It also has a mesh that is inside of the gum like substance that WILL NOT come off your hook.  I've had the pleasure of catching 5+ fish with one 1" stick of this bait.

I've heard that he's tried most of the flavors / colors, and it really doesn't matter.

As always, we are interested in hearing whether you've tried Fishbites and what you're experience has been?  

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  • Brian Gannuscio
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