Rod Rack 2" Adapter #563 for Angler's Fish N Mate Rod Racks

Fish N Mate

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Angler's Fish N Mate Rod Rack angled adapter for 4 and 6 rod holders. Designed to raise your rod rack 6" higher than the standard rod rack adapter. Few trucks have a flat front bumper that you can simply bolt the rod rack to. You're going to need this rod rack hitch adapter so the rod rack connects to the 2 inch receiver on your truck. The adapter easily bolts to the flat plate on the rod rack. If you're using a rod rack on the front of your truck, you also need the 2 inch receiver pre-installed. We don't sell receivers. Check with a reputable online retailer like Hidden Hitch to determine the exact receiver your vehicle requires. Heavy duty anodized aluminum, stainless steel stabilizer bar and mounting hardware included.